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A rendition of Katy Perry's "Hot & Cold" made to promote the last expansion pack in the Sims 2 series, "Apartment Life."
It depends on the day. I take a couple of classes at my local university, and when they're in session, I'm up either by 5:50 a.m. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or 6:15 a.m. (Tuesday and Thursday). Sundays are the same as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and on Saturdays, although I don't have to, I try to be up as early as possible to get a head start on my laundry ;)
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Probably the only TV event I associate with Thanksgiving would be the Macy's parade, mainly because it's usually the first thing I watch when I finally get up and around!
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Technically, I am an only child, but upon the death of my father (my mother died in 1986), I was "taken in" by  some friends who had one son and two daughters, so I now have a brother and two sisters, which is quite enough for me!
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I don't eat it so much anymore, but there was a time I used to love peanut butter on tortillas... :)
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For me, living within 92 miles of a city known for a UFO incident, t's rather hard not to believe in them...
[Error: unknown template qotd]I remained in the same public school system for most of my school days... at least until shortly into my junior year of HS, during which I transferred to a private Christian school.



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